Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of balloons services does Starline Balloons offer?
A: We offer all types of balloon services. Looking through our gallery you could see we offer Arches, Balloon Sculptors, Balloon Columns, Canopies, Clouds, Clusters, Balloon Lettering, and Table Topper Balloons.

Q: Do you have balloons to fit any certain style of theme?
A: There is always a holiday or special event every day and we try to have as many different creative ideas and color balloons to help create an atmosphere for your event. We offer balloons for Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, or 4th of July.

Q: Do you offer balloons for outdoor events?
A: Yes, we specialize in all types of events whether it be indoor or outdoor.

Q: Which are your most requested balloon product?
A: Our most popular balloon products are our Arches, Balloon Sculptures, and Columns. They help make any special event stand out.

Q: How long do your latex balloons float for?
A: Our latex balloons can float for about 18 hours depending on location. The hotter the temperature, the faster the balloons can come down

Q: How much far in advance should I place my order for balloons?
A: Depending on our schedule, 4-5 days should be enough time to produce any style of balloons you need for an event. Feel free to call us at (201)-327-1000 or email us at We will reply as soon as possible to help you.